The most functional prosthetic hand in the world.

The Maker Hand is designed to be made by volunteer 3D printing enthusiasts!

The Maker Hand is a uniquely useful prosthesis but it is also remarkably simple to produce.

Tested and proven

Decisive winner at the official Cybathlon 2020 competition

Completely mechanical

Voluntary opening style of prothesis with no electronic parts

Easy to make

Built with any 3D printer and readily available materials

Build in one day

3D print in one day, assemble in a few hours

Simple to produce, yet supremely functional


Silicone fingerpads

Provide a soft touch but a very safe and firm grip


Automatic locking grip

Passive locking mechanism in each individual finger.


Three thumb positions

Provide an array of useful grips for every situation


Adjustable grip strength

Instantly change your gripping power by simply thightening the bands


Unique socket design

Utilises remaining forearm rotation to rotate the prosthetic hand

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We teach volunteers how to build hands and connect them with people in need through our platform.



An amputee uploads pictures of their affected limb



We design a custom Makerhand specifically for the amputee.



A certified maker prints and assembles the hand for them



The maker fits the hand for the amputee.

Decisive winner at the official Cybathlon 2020 competition.

Check why are we best in the world when it comes to building prosthetic hands.

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