About the project:

My name is Andrej and I've spent the last four years of my life in my room with a 3d printer developing what I believe to be one of the most functional prosthetic hands in the world. The cost of parts of a single Maker Hand is less than 30$ and it can be assembled in a few days by an average 'maker' with a hobby 3d printer.


I have been accepted into the Cybathlon competition which is an Olympics style competition where amputees compete in performing activities of daily living using the world's most advanced and expensive prosthetic devices. The list of teams that applied include OttoBock, Ossur (the world's biggest prosthetic companies) as well as university research teams from Sorbonne, TUM, Chalmers and London Imperial College.


The plan for the project is to gather a community of volunteer engineers/makers/prosthetists/etc. to build these hands for people who need them around the world at no cost to the amputee themselves, and also to work on improving the design to make it as durable and reliable as possible.